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Get hired faster

With a proven system and a lifetime of results

Achieve and accelerate your life

Jobs, Promotions & Dreams

Pedigree designs a path to excellence that reliably produces years of success. Our system is designed by industry practitioners to amplify your strength and accelerate your career objectives.

Build Your Brand

A proprietary system that far exceeds standard career services with a Personal Brand that creates a strategic differentiator.


Accelerate the job hunting experience, eliminate labor, save valuable time, eclipse the competition and engage hiring managers faster.

Get Hired Faster

Allow you future employer to quickly recognize your value and competitive edge. Realize greater success faster.

Exceeding Industry Standards
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A Complete Solution

Pedigree Pro’s proprietary 360º framework is a complete system for achieving career success. A dedicated team supports you during the entire process. Each step has been carefully crafted by industry leaders to amplify your strength, enhance your weaknesses and accelerate your career or job hunting objectives. Our team of passionate practitioners believes you are more than just a resume and developed a proven system to deliver years of valuable return.

Accelerate Opportunities

An average job application can consume between 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the employer’s application requirements. Pedigree Pro will eliminate the slow and painful process for you, allowing you to accelerate the job hunting experience, eclipse the competition and engage hiring managers faster.

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Designed and curated by industry practitioners

We’re a group of passionate practitioners that believe you’re more than just a resume. Our staff represents years of empirical experience and academic accomplishments to deliver value at every stage of your career journey.

A holistic system to accelerate your employment opportunities

Personal Brand

Expert designs for precise targeting within the career market.


Expert Resume

A custom resume tailored to your strengths, targets, and represents you.



A scanned and analyzed resume compatible with  ATS for ultimate results.


Profile Design

Your public profile is an asset to your career and must perform optimally.



Eliminate the slow, painful process and allow an accelerated job hunt.



 Increase confidence, assuage concerns and dominate interviews.



Don't leave money on the table! Acquire the best offer with industry intelligence.