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The Pedigree Pro 360º Formula

Designed by Industry Practitioners

The greatest career value

A complete system for achieving career success. Each step has been carefully crafted by industry leaders to amplify your strength, enhance your weaknesses and accelerate your career objectives.

  • Personal branding

  • Distinguish yourself from competition

  • Enhance your networking authority

  • Raise confidence and stature

  • Opportunities will gravitate to you!

  • Acquire premium positions

  • Locate a job you enjoy

  • Increase your income

  • A proven system

  • Experienced staff

Exceeding Industry Standards

Stats & Benefits


Applicants with Professional Support are 74% more likely to acquire a position.

Social Network

Social Networking increases an applicant's likelihood of acquiring a job by 23%.

3X More

Applicants were nearly 3X more likely to find a position by using Professional Assistance.

Get Help

45% of applicants that obtained resume critique acquired a position

Your Resume Matters

63% of applicants that obtained a Personalized Resume acquired a position.

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