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As the world shrinks, the talent pool expands exponentially. The competition is no longer within your neighborhood. Defining a ‘Personal Brand’ is the best way of distinguishing yourself from the competition and to dominate your objectives.

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Serving our community

Born out of the traumatic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pedigree Pro is an altruistic motive to help US employees regain employment quickly and efficiently. We designed our system to eliminate the complexity commonly experienced within the job market. As we aspire to serve our country during this critical moment, we strive to help our communities regain career success and provide a reliable system for those interested in achieving their dreams.

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Pedigree designs a path to excellence that reliably produces years of success. Our system is designed by industry practitioners to amplify your strength and accelerate your career objectives.

innovative solutions

The age of traditional employment has been eclipsed by an evolution of technology, intelligence and opportunity for employers of all sizes. By 2028, it is projected that half of the US workforce maybe 1099. That means that you need to distinguish yourself from the growing competition. Defining a ‘Personal Brand’ is the best way of distinguishing yourself from competition and dominating your objectives. Combining with Application Automation and improved Intelligence will excel your opportunities and provide capable advantages for you to achieve your career objectives.


Our Promise.

Here at Pedigree Pro, our mission is to help you command your career by transforming the antiquated job market process into an asset that accelerates your life.

The Pedigree Advantage

A complete system for achieving career success. Each step has been carefully crafted by industry leaders to amplify your strength, enhance your weaknesses and accelerate your career objectives.