ATS and Your Resume

Learn how to compose a reliable resume, defeat an ATS system and gain the attention of the hiring manager.

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When you apply for a job, your resume is processed by an ATS before it is ever reviewed by a human. Companies employ Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to mitigate bulk operations. Since the average job receives 250 applications, recruiters and hiring managers can easily be overwhelmed. In interest of expediency, an ATS will process resumes against an algorithm, searching for keywords and other specific attributes. If your resume qualifies, it proceeds to a human. Therefore, whether that human ever sees your resume could depend on how well your resume is optimized for ATS.

Without proper formatting, your resume will not succeed to a human. As nearly 75% of resumes are rejected due to improper formatted or keyword optimization, it’s vital that your resume is designed properly.

How to create an ATS Resume

Items to consider when composing a resume for ATS:

  • Use a Chronological format

  • Have a professional email address

  • Ex: - or -

  • Don’t use Headers of Footers

  • Avoid the following content: Tables, Columns, Text Boxes, Logos, Images, Graphs and Hyperlinks

  • Use a traditional font

  • Ex: Arial, Helvetica, Garamond, Georgia or Times

  • Use standardized section headers

  • Ex: Name and Contact Information, Work Experience, Education

  • Include the relevant industry keywords and use both the long-form and acronym versions

  • Ex: “Bachelors of Computer Science (BCS)”

  • Place keywords in C.A.R. context

  • Use .DOCX file format

How can Pedigree help?

The Pedigree Pro 360º Formula is a proprietary system designed to eliminate the complexity and irrelevancy within career pursuits. It is a complete system for achieving career success. Derived from your Brand Design and utilizing industry best practices, the Master Resume Writer provides a reliable resume that demonstrates your strengths, is tailored to your targets and compatible with ATS systems. Our Application Automation service will accelerate your job hunting experience, eclipse your competition and help you acquire your next job faster.

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