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Everyone wishes for their work to be fulfilling and an environment in which you can thrive; there are times when you realize it is time to move on from your current employment company. Were you passed over from that recent promotion? What is your next step forward?

Whether it is your first time into the job market or you are a seasoned professional, searching for new employment can be frustrating and overwhelming. That’s where a career coach or counselor can help.

What is career counseling?

The term career coach or career counseling go hand-in-hand to produce the same results. A skilled coach structures their training to help you distinguish yourself from the growing competition by developing your personal brand. This brand is unique to yourself, showcasing your specific skills and helping you understand how to promote yourself.

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What our coaches do?

  • Create or strength your Personal Brand

  • Discuss your career goals

  • Individualize your career plan specific to your needs

  • Establish a productive resume and cover letter

  • Design an ATS (Application Tracking System) scannable resume

  • Social media profile that promotes your brand

  • Application automation

  • Enhance your interviewing skills

  • Improve your tactical negotiating skills

What makes us unique?

An average job application can consume between 5 to 30 minutes depending on the employer’s application requirements. Our Application Automation will eliminate the slow and painful process for you, allowing you to accelerate the job hunting experience, eclipse the competition and engage hiring managers faster. Here is an example of how the process works.

Improving your tactical negotiating skills is another aspect of the Pedigree Pro blueprint. It’s common for most candidates to leave money on the table or not acquire the best offer employers have available, simply due to fear. Entering into negotiations prepared and armed with industry intelligence for your vertical can produce a drastic improvement to you income and success.

Do I need a coach?

There are points in your career that you feel stuck. The first step that may come to mind is the “Do-It-Yourself” mentality. While some people can succeed, the majority of us need outside, individualized assistance to truly get ourselves going. Without it, we could keep going round robin with the same mistakes and missed opportunities that brought us to this point in our careers.

When should I take the leap?

Considering you are reading this blog post, you are probably feeling stagnant in your current position and looking for the next opportunity. Fear is usually the road block to making progress either in our life or career, and none of us can afford to stay still, especially in an unfulfilling job.

Whether you want to make a major career change or simply make small internal shift that create a ripple effect for your path, a career counselor can bring you greater perspective driving you towards your goals.

How can Pedigree help?

The Pedigree Pro 360º Formula is a proprietary system designed to eliminate the complexity and irrelevancy within career pursuits. It is a complete system for achieving career success. Derived from your Brand Design and utilizing industry best practices, the Master Resume Writer provides a reliable resume that demonstrates your strengths, is tailored to your targets and compatible with ATS systems.

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