Important Hiring Statistics

Understanding the market is an important part of the job hunting process. Here are a number of important statistics to consider as you navigate the job market and application process.

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The global modern economy certainly offers many advantages over decades prior, but one consequence of our high-speed world is increased competition among candidates that would otherwise defend local, now are contending global. A consideration entirely predicated on your career industry and vocational level, however most industries are experiencing the impact (and benefit) of globalization. Employment at every tier of the corporate dimension experiences some measure of impact. Enterprises have the ability to scale geographic boarders with ease, the Mid-market can vary and the SMB space will commonly still focus resources locally. However, irrelevant of the size, your next employer likely has some capability of hiring outside their zip code.

How then do you compete with the rise of a global workforce? That is a question many are starting to contend. Whether your are competing with candidates locally, regionally, state, national and now international level, the answer to all is clear - A ‘personal brand’ will be the only way to differentiate within the future workforce.

There are multiple metrics to monitor for any job seeker. As technology perpetually develops and increasingly becomes ubiquitous, the job application process reflects new employer systems and requirements. Here are a number of important statistics to consider as you navigate the job market and application process.

Recruiting and Hiring Statistics

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 43% of the US workforce to be "Gig employment" by 2020.

  • Each opening attracts 250 applicants

  • Your resume must pass an ATS

  • 75% of resumes are rejected due to improper formatted

  • 87% of recruiters will review a candidate’s LinkedIn profile

  • 4 - 6 candidates will be selected for interview

  • The interview process takes 22.9 days

  • 1 candidate will receive an offer

How can Pedigree help?

The Pedigree Pro 360º Formula is a proprietary system designed to eliminate the complexity and irrelevancy within career pursuits. It is a complete system for achieving career success. Our Application Automation service will accelerate your job hunting experience, eclipse your competition and help you acquire your next job faster.

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