Master the Job Application Process

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You’re in the job market searching for a great position and you stumble on an open requisition. You quickly create an account for the employer’s ERP or ATS system, login and begin routing through the endless questions commonly required despite all information already hosted within your Resume document. You’re application is submitted and you feel great! Unfortunately you just consumed approximately 30 to 45 minutes of your valuable time, and are still competing with the industry average for each position. Now magnify that process by how many advertised opportunities of your interest, and can begin to observe the time and exertions of this process. You may even begin to feel disgruntled towards employers requiring such extraneous applications.

As the application landscape continues to fragment, the time expended by the candidate grows commensurately. Instead of uniting, the industry remains heavily fractured between the various ATS systems and the copious configuration options offered to employers. Your application experience is impacted not only by the employer's configuration of the recruiting software, but compounded by the high diversity of platforms. While job aggregators such as Indeed, Zip Recruiter and Dice are fantastic platforms, they result in endless monitoring, notifications and time consumed.

How to prepare for success

The question now is how best to prepare yourself and your resume for success within the application process. As always, Pedigree strives to eliminate the complexity of career pursuits. Here’s a quick recipe for success.

How can Pedigree help?

The Pedigree Pro 360º Formula is a proprietary system designed to eliminate the complexity and irrelevancy within career pursuits. It is a complete system for achieving career success. Our Application Automation service will accelerate your job hunting experience, eclipse your competition and help you acquire your next job faster.

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