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So you found the perfect job and you know you are the ideal candidate, but does your resume highlight those skills? A resume without focal points to peak an employers interest is problematic and a well-executed resume correctly labels your skill sets within a streamlined layout specific to your industry. What maybe commonplace in one enterprise, maybe downright impractical or worthless to another. Awareness of your industry vernacular will focus the attention toward your most appropriate resume skills.

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3 Ways to Feature Your Resume

1. Job Posting Keywords

As we mentioned before, each industry regards specific skills that focus on their strengths, as well as the specific job title that you wish to land. Start observing the job posting criteria required by the companies in your industry and job title and how they relate to your strengths. Do not simply fabricate your resume from these keywords - simply allow them to influence you. You will need to showcase those strengths during the interview process.

2. Formatting

Your resume formatting must highlight those meticulously chosen aptitudes, otherwise even the most actionable language can be overlooked.

3. Overall Balance of Skills

Finally, the balance between your accolades, talents and overall structure must be appealing to a employer or recruiter, or you simply will not pass onto the first interview stage.

Leave it to our Pedigree Resume Writers to instruct you on the latest, key skills that will help you get recognized by employers, employment agencies and capable within application tracking systems (ATS).

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How can Pedigree help?

We at Pedigree Pro understand that defining a ‘Personal Brand’ is a laborious process, in which we often fail to recognize the negative patterns and that others can quickly see. Bold changes within your personal or professional narrative intimidate the best of us and personal branding is integral to achieve the desired progress results. The Pedigree Pro 360º Formula is a proprietary system designed to eliminate the complexity and irrelevancy within career pursuits. It is a complete system for achieving this transformational journey. By investing time and effort into this process, you can clear those obstacles to a positive new you!

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