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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pedigree Pro?

Pedigree Pro is a career coach designed to eliminate the complexity and irrelevancy within the job market to produce effective, bold success.

What is a Personal Brand?

Your brand is how your future employer will view you in the job market. Defining your image will show through on every step of the job search process, finding you a happier, fulfilling occupation.

Is a Social Profile that meaningful to my search?

In the 21st Century, your Social Profile is as important a recruiting tool as your resume. An up-to-date professional profile can give you the push ahead of the competition, landing you that perfect job.

What is Tactical Negotiation and how can it benefit me?

Out of fear, most people do not negotiate salary or other benefits, even after a job offer has been extended. Our Tactics Negotiation program strengthens your position, giving you the confidence to successfully negotiate for your goals.

What is Application Automation?

The job application process can be downright frustrating. Endless employment forms can be daunting and discouraging. By working with our job applicator team, you find your dream job and we take on the burden of applying.

What is the collaboration process on each of these steps?

Through every step of the way, the department specialists will identify your current position in the career field and with your direction, assist you in finding the next vertical shift.

Data Security

During the process, you will have a dedicated account within our customer portal. We consider all communication and data to be private and confidential. Additionally, data is encrypted at rest and sessions secured via SSL.

How do I start?

Purchasing your package of choice will kick-start your new career endeavor!

What if I want to end my coaching relationship?

Coaching engagements may be dissolved at any time; however, 5 business days notice is helpful to allow the team to finalize any open tickets during the process.